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I’ve Completed a Massive Update to the ‘Tools That Work’ Page

November 3rd, 2014 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Social Media, Software, Starting Out, Surveys, Time Management, WordPress

After I launched, one of the first pages I created was the Tools That Work page. It’s a resource page for solopreneurs’ online-commerce and website needs.

This is a heads-up — I’ve completed a massive update to the Tools That Work page. Check it out.

A lot of trial and error goes into selecting the Tools That Work resources. The experimentation is ongoing, thus the need to update the page. For every Tools That Work product or service, I reject at least three others. These are the cream-of-the-crop tools for solopreneurs.



How to Keep Colds From Damaging Your Bottom Line

March 10th, 2014 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Productivity, Time Management

I’m nearly back to 100 percent health after a nasty cold that required 500 boxes of Kleenex. It’s amazing how good “normal” feels after being sick.

It was my first cold of the 2014 cold/flu season. I was hoping to get through winter unharmed, but no dice.

There’s an old saw about the length of colds that I think is very close to the truth, “three days coming, three days here, three days going.” I don’t think the first three or the last three days of colds affect my work productivity, but the middle three days are a struggle.



A Short Review of TeuxDeux

May 3rd, 2013 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Time Management

If you’re like me, you’ve tried many to-do-list tools and you’ve never been satisfied.

A screenshot of TeuxDeux on my iPhone 4S

This past month I’ve been using one that might survive the free-trial period. It’s called TeuxDeux.

The developers of TeuxDeux, which is made in Brooklyn, New York, say their purpose with TeuxDeux was to create a to-do list that’s:

• Simple enough to compete with a piece of paper.

• Beautiful enough that you wouldn’t mind (and might even enjoy) looking at it all day.

In my opinion, the developers did what they set out teux deux to do.



How to Find (and Utilize) the Best Virtual Assistant For Your Solo Business

August 28th, 2012 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Office, Productivity, Time Management

Solopreneurs frequently ask me questions about virtual assistants. I turned to Amy Wright, CEO of for answers.

Amy Wright

Larry Keltto: What kinds of services do virtual assistants typically provide?
Amy Wright: Oh, it runs the gamut from basic calendar management, customer service and scheduling all the way up to super techie things like adding a shopping cart to a webpage or setting up applications like Infusionsoft and everything in between. I think the better question is what do you need in your business that will make you more efficient? That’s what VAs do.



5 Tips for Solopreneurs for Successful Project Management

August 9th, 2012 by Erica Bell | Posted in Productivity, Starting Out, Time Management

When you enter the self-employed, solopreneur life, one of the hardest obstacles you’ll need to overcome is project management. In the corporate world, there is often a chain of command and a list of policies and procedures to manage tasks. Structure often varies depending on the business — is it time, effort, cost, or quality that dictates the timeline for completion? As a solopreneur, you need to incorporate every aspect in order to successfully manage projects.

Here are five quick tips on project management as a part of your self-employed business plan.



The Extremely Profitable Work That New Solopreneurs Overlook

October 31st, 2011 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Marketing, Productivity, Time Management

In The Solopreneur Life: 42 Solo-Business Owners Speak the Truth on Dreaming Big, Failing Forward, and Calling Your Own Shots, the solopreneurs talk about mistakes they’ve made with their businesses.

One of the solopreneurs, Ted Prodromu, says, “[My mistake was that] my business was project-based, with little recurring income…Recurring income is a must.”

So, what is recurring income?

Recurring income is revenue that comes in to your business over and over again — it repeats, it reoccurs. Recurring income is like a river — a money river that keeps flowing day after day, month after month. Compare it to one-time income, which is like a puddle of water: it’s here today, gone tomorrow, and the puddle won’t return until you make it rain again.



The Secret to Solopreneurial Peak Performance

April 13th, 2011 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Time Management

When you’re putting together your calendar for the week or month, what do you schedule first? Is it client meetings? Marketing tasks? Back-of-the-house functions? Personal performance expert Dr. Shannon Reece, offers a surprising answer to the question of what must always come first for solopreneurs.

“When I talk about ordering your priorities, you have to be at the top of the list, no matter what,” she says.

So what does that mean? What does it look like to put yourself first?

Shannon calls it “me time,” and it has to meet three criteria:



The Valuable Lesson Ernest Hemingway Taught Solopreneurs

January 28th, 2011 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Time Management

In his novels and short stories, Ernest Hemingway often wrote about time management, although he didn’t call it time management.

Hemingway’s routine was to wake at dawn every day and write for the entire morning.

In the afternoon he left his desk, filling his hours with adventure: fishing, swimming, big-game hunting, fighting in wars, womanizing, eating well, drinking plenty, laughing, debating, brawling.

He did not stay in one place. His home was the world: Havana, Paris, Pamplona, Key West, Ketchum.

From what I can remember of my Hemingway studies, his afternoons and evenings weren’t solitary. He surrounded himself with, or was surrounded by, people.



Are You Sabotaging Your Creative Energy?

October 13th, 2010 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Health, Time Management

This was written by Jen Waak, who pens a monthly health column for The Solopreneur Life.

Jen Waak

I’ve never been much of a 9-to-5’er. My perfect workday would be 10-3 with a two-hour lunch. You think I’m joking–I’m not.

But, as a solopreneur, a three-hour workday is a total joke. Even Tim Ferris knows that isn’t possible.

Our workdays are more like 13 hours, not three. During those 13 hours, our days are typically some mix of client meetings, working on the business (marketing, accounting, sales, and admin), and working in the business (proposals and other deliverables). Many time-management and productivity gurus would say, “Get the important stuff out of the way first to make sure it gets done.” While conceptually I like the idea, I disagree.



Solopreneurs Will Save Time, Make Money With New Copywriting Book

September 15th, 2010 by Larry Keltto | Posted in Marketing, Time Management

This is a review of Amy Harrison’s new e-book, “Copywriting Phrase-Book: 501 Shortcuts to Compelling Content.”

Why did Amy Harrison create a copywriting product that’s going to put herself out of business? I don’t understand.

Amy is a copywriter based in England. She’s a brilliant writer—the kind of brilliant that tells me I’m in the wrong line of work. Her Web site is one of two that I recommend for copywriting.

Amy has done me and the rest of the copywriting world an enormous favor; she has revealed some of her secrets in a pearl of an e-book titled “Copywriting Phrase-Book: 501 Shortcuts to Compelling Content.” (Affiliate link, read my policy regarding affiliates.)